Joe American, Living a Lie–By Choice

Paul Craig Roberts is one of my favorite journalists. A former undersecretary for Reagan and former editor of the Wall Street Journal, Dr. Roberts is an old enough economist and journalist to have seen the decline of reason in American society, and he writes about it frequently. Once upon a time he was a mainstream journalist. Until the media tired of his abrasive tendency to call war, war. Labeling debt as debt. And rightly pointing out that lies are damned lies.

Dr. Roberts finds plenty of voice in the alternate media of the Internet, Russia TV, and a variety of radio/video programs. His observations are too accurate to simply sweep under the mental rug of thinking men, thankfully. For the past several years he has, in spite of the laughter and name-calling, faithfully pointed out the outright lies being told by the US government as it reveals its very real intention to make war in the Middle East and against Russia. MOAR WAR! is the US policy, clear and simple. He has reliably pointed out the crimes and foolishness of the Federal Reserve Bankings System, and the crimes of Wall Street.

What of his assertions that the American people and the American government are incapable of understanding reality? That they live in a politically-correct matrix of “group-think?” Does it include you and me? Let’s do a gut check.

What of Russia? Are they the evil threat to the world that the US government keeps asserting that they are? Is Putin another Hitler? Has Russia even come close to the global warmongering that the US and its lackey leaders in Europe have been conducting for half a century or more?

Is the mainstream, official accounting of 9/11 the real story? It now possible for skyscrapers to collapse into dust and rubble merely because of a fire. I’m not referring to the Twin Towers. It is enough to point to Building #7 in the complex which was not hit by an airliner nor suffered any such damage. It caught on fire. And it collapsed just like the towers. Despite the fact that this has never happened to any other skyscraper that was consumed by mere fire. But don’t point this out or you will receive the fatal label of conspiracy nut. Apparently the only real conspirators that the world produces are crazy Muslims that conspire to hurt the West.

Are terrorists a real and viable threat to the US? Was the death of 3,000 people sufficient cause to remove the rights of the rest of us? Are we a nation of “brave freedom-lovers” or a nation of cowards? We are more fearful of gluten and sugar in our diets, and than we are of living in a police state.

Where are the promised weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (at least not the ones given them by the US?) Even President Bush eventually admitted that they never existed. Or did he lie from beginning to end?

And what about Afghanistan where the US still carries out the longest running war in US history? Why was this war started and why does it still continue? Why did opium production increase to levels never seen during our occupation of that land? Something smells and it isn’t unbathed Muslims.

And what of the dozens of SWAT raids that now get carried out in this nation every day? Just and prudent policing? For the delivery of warrants? For the possible presence of marijuana or a drug dealer?

And what about torture, something that the US has spoken against for the majority of its existence as a nation? Is it now necessary and right? Let’s not forget that the vast majority of military and CIA experts emphatically state that torture is not only ineffective but counterproductive. But the majority of Americans shouted a heathy “Amen” to the recent statements of former VP Cheney supporting torture.

And what of Ukraine, and the other nations where the US takes the role of mafia godfather in determining who should comprise the government? Is the CIA doing the right thing in instigating rebellions and overthrows? In the name of liberty, freedom and democracy? Can we trust a government that was not able to present any evidence against the Russians except, “You have to trust us on this?”

Does the US have the right to impose “democracy” upon cultures that have no desire to elect their rulers? And does the US have the right to remove elected leaders when it believes the electorate made a decision contrary to the best interests of the US? Are we really so stupid as to not think that banks and corporate interests are the only real concerns?

Does US foreign policy cause “blowback” against the US? That is not my term, but one used by the CIA itself to describe what happens to a nation, eventually, when it meddles in the affairs of other nations. Does the fomenting of rebellion, bombing, and invasion of those nations result in eventual reprisal against the US? Could it be that even filthy Muslims get tired of seeing their loved ones killed and their cities reduced to rubble?

Can a US President lawfully order the execution of anyone, including US citizens abroad, that it deems a potential threat? Can he imprison them for a time that he alone determines? Do we even need courts of law, anymore?

Is it moral for a nation to tax the young to pay the elderly? Is it right to borrow money from future generations to spend today? And is it right to tax the property and income of Americans? Much less uses those taxes to give money way to whatever groups it finds to be worth of it?

Does the government have the right to destroy any vestige of our privacy? To read every email. Scan every postal letter? Listen and record every phone conversation? And are we really so out of touch with reality that we think that this is for our own good?

Does the government have the right to define marriage? Does it have the right to force you and I to rent to those we morally object to? Hire those we do not wish to hire? Force private groups to allow membership to those they wish to exclude for any reason?

Is it morally right for a government to take the money of taxpayers to issue loans to others to purchase houses, go to college, or pay for their own healthcare?

Is it right for governments to outlaw the possession or use of drugs, or force them to obtain a prescription to purchase them? Does a government have the right to make fresh milk illegal, or dictate what can be put into the foods that consumers purchase?

Is it right to confiscate large amounts of cash from citizens merely because they have it, because they clearly must have been doing something illegal to have so much cash on them? This practice was written into law as part of the War on Drugs. Had to find a way to make drug dealers pay a price, rather than allow them to finish their jail time and go back and access their stash of money they had socked a way.

Is the USA an exceptional people, a shining light among nations of the world, that has the right to control the affairs of the world for ‘their own betterment?”

Is aggressive war, that is attacking a nation that has not attacked you but looks like it might do so someday, morally right?

Is it right to arrest and lock people away without a trial, for as long as we desire, just because we feel they are dangerous to the US?

The American people, while they might object to any one of these, agrees in principle with most of the list. Reality is not as important as “what might become real if we don’t act.”

This is apparent in our judicial codes. Driving under the influence is a “crime’ popularly supported, even though those convicted have not committed any true crime. Simply being stopped at a checkpoint and administered a breath test is enough to lock up a person who has been partying with Dionysus. Joe America clearly believes that it is right to arrest and punish a person for a crime “they might commit.” Let’s be clear—Americans see no wrong in this. We are not living in reality. And what of prostitution? Where is there any victim? Since when did any form of judicial system jettison the understanding that for a crime to have occurred, there must have been a victim, not a possible, future victim?

Ever seen one of those movies in which a law enforcement time traveler is sent to snuff or arrest those who would commit a crime in the future? We are there. Drug users are imprisoned because, “if we don’t, they will eventually hurt someone. Sell drugs or steal things to finance their habit!” We clearly don’t mind trying people for possible future crimes.

Christians have largely signed on to a life outside of reality, a sad fact that should get our attention. They are ready to give government the power to define marriage for fear that hordes of deviants will soon ruin the nation. We should be asking what sort of nation will they be ruining. Clearly a totalitarian one. But if the elected tyrants who carry out our desires claim to be “born again Christians” it is apparently is a good thing.

Perhaps Christians are the ones most guilty of crimes against reality. On one hand they deplore liberals who wish to use the government to create a nanny state of liberal values. On the other hand they don’t mind a nanny state with nominal “Christian” values. As long as they are the ones they agree with.

The inability of the US population to comprehend reality is well demonstrated in the decades of war in the Middle East with no clearly defined enemy and no defined goals. We are clearly willing to except the pathetic excuse of “terrorism” as the reason for our warfare, though the average American is far more likely to be killed by a US policeman than by a terrorist. And in a land where any American is many times more likely to be killed by a policeman than he is a terrorist.

Morality is not on this new politically-correct matrix, either. When did you think the US would ever popularly support torture? Not in my life, I once thought. Wrong. Despite our historical justifications against it and despite the fact that even our best CIA experts say that torture is useless and even counterproductive, the average American does not agree. The clear majority of us agree with former VP Cheney, who would gladly order it done, again.

The inability to see reality extends into the average American’s poor understating of finance. Particularly debt. Despite the facts all around him, Joe America still thinks debt is dandy and credit is candy. And he has no real concept of the level of debt that the governments of this nation have accumulated. Or the impact that will occur when they simply can’t borrow more. He doesn’t know how to spell the word frugality so why would he expect the government to? And when it all crashes, we can blame the government, apparently.

Joe America has seen the schools in decline for decades. But if you ask him about the school his own child attends, why it’s great. And if you ask him why US schools trail the world in effectiveness, he gets quiet. Why? Because it is not the way he wants to believe the world to be. More importantly, admitting this would mean he would be on the spot to do something about his own children’s education—something he wants to avoid. He generally sides with politicians who claim that more money is the answer, and votes for ever more bonds to fund the schools.

Confronting Joe America with his moral inconsistencies generally results in hostility. So be careful, if you choose to do it. Joe’s one of the few mental midgets who can say in the same breath, “I don’t support the war but I support our military.” Don’t miss what he is saying. He is saying that the war is morally wrong (he calls such things “mistakes”, a much less condemning word), but that soldiers who volunteer to go and do morally wrong things are to be supported. Don’t try to find any sense in that. Or when it thanks the killer in uniform for “his service.” The US military, despite being the largest, best funded, and most advanced military in the history of the world, has not won a war since WWII. In the process it has left a lot of destroyed nations, decimated societies, and millions dead. Joe may accept that fact but can be counted on to list a million reasons, not one of which will be “war was wrong.”

Not that Joe has no heart. He has a political heart. If he’s a Republican, he’s convinced that the problem is not America, it’s the ‘other political party.’ Hillary screwed up and covered up about Libya and a handful of Americans died because of her deeds. But he hasn’t an opinion on the hundreds of thousands that have died because of the US military actions there. His greater concern is getting one party kicked out and his favorite party elected. Down deeply, he still harbors some belief that democracy works, even if he has to vote for the lessor of two evils. Realty? Truth? Nah. Delusion, I think.

The US government is corrupt primarily because Joe American is corrupt. It succeeds in creating policies based on anything but reality because Joe is living in that unreal world, as well. Or he prefers to. Whether he’s a deadbeat collecting EBT cards, or a deadbeat insisting that the young pay for his retirement and long term health care, he is in the end a deadbeat, out of touch with reality.

These are harsh words. But where I have not been truthful? Oh, you can try to explain them away or blame them on factions within the nation, but they exceed party affiliation. They exceed specific rulers in power. Joe didn’t get this way overnight. He’s very much a product of a government-mandated, compulsory education system. A system that Joe is very much in support of. Yes, he complains and objects to various components, but don’t ever think that he is not a full support of mandatory and compulsory government education for YOUR children.

It’s not as though we should not pity Joe American. He’s often living in the dream that “putting God back into schools” will go a long way to solving the problems of our nation. “Ending the handouts” is also one of his solutions although it doesn’t include the billions spent annually in farm subsidies, Social Security, and Medicare. He might be opposed to degree, but never to principle. Joe America is part of the problem.

America is bold enough to think that it creates reality. But that is only because its rulers know that the voters also harbor this belief. The Tower of Babel lost its funding and its workers left the workforce. But don’t ever think that the project managers are not busy laying out a grander and better construction plan.

Choosing to live in reality means dethroning Joe’s god, first of all. He has to be willing to stop worshipping any manmade government, an act which Joe supports when he underscores the value of the Pledge of Allegiance, flag waving, and when he affixes the yellow, “support the troops” ribbon on his vehicle. As much as he might actually be angry at some of the thing happening in his nation, he just as strongly believes that man is capable of creating a better reality if the right political party is elected into power.

Joe C. American, where “C” stands for Christian, paints over all of this with a thin veneer of Romans 13. Submitting to authorities. Sadly he misses the fact that the shop foreman is not the CEO. God is the only absolute authority. And ignoring his holiness, sovereignty and truths is “submitting to authorities.” It is merely submitting to the authorities of you own choosing. The ones you choose to fear, perhaps because they live visibly in this kingdom and carry guns. God has installed government rule. He has not installed a Church that fears that rule more than his own.

Let’s take a serious look at the reality that Joe lives in. His nation imprisons more people, per capita, and in total, than any other nation in the world. But Joe almost uniformly believes in building more prisons, and ones that punish more harshly. Don’t expect to find much pity in Joe’s heart for the man behind bars.

Joe’s nation spends more on “defense” than any other nation in the world, although its defense is comprised of perpetual offense. Peace is now defined as continually having war “over there” rather than suffering the possibility of war “over here.” God bless America?

Paul Craig Roberts is right—Americans and their government are incapable of understanding reality because they refuse to live in reality. A nation and society which has lost the ability to discern and prefer truth over lies, is headed for a collision with truth and realty. All the more reason that you and I should insist on placing truth on a pedestal.

Are we willing to challenge any person or idea that is propagating lies and deception, whether they are those lies we particularly find offensive, such as the global warming hoax, or those we secretly cherish and shamefully admit to. Embracing truth requires a painful recognition of the lies in our own hearts, minds, and lives. It calls for the willingness and courage to confront our own faults. Even if we have not the ability to live righteously, we are not excused from calling sin what it is—rebellion towards God.

The evidence of a serious return to reality will be obvious and plentiful. It may be the scourging of politicians who lie and bankers who ruin lives. Black Friday of 1869, not of early Christmas bargains.  It will be the holding accountable of authority that fails its responsibility to uphold the charges given it by God. Justice. Peace. Nonviolence towards our neighbors. Defending the innocent. Refusing to use the power of government to force our own views upon our neighbors. These may never serve to characterize the essential nature of any government or society in this kingdom. But if they fail to characterize the hearts of a sufficient number of Americans, don’t expect very much to change. For the good, that is.

The problems of America are far worse than we imagine. Governments eventually reflect the nations that they rule. It is not wrong to state that any government eventually rules only by and through the consent of the governed. When God sent Jonah to warn Nineveh to repent, he did not tell Jonah to sit down with the King and point out the error of his personal actions. And the King of Nineveh did not turn into his private chapel to confess before God. The King wisely called the entire nation to repent. And God set aside what would have been a very ugly fate.

Are our rulers not guilty of their own set of crimes? Certainly. And the list is long. But we are like the “enablers” talked about in the context of substance abuse. As long as we continue to go along with the fairy tale of a naked emperor having beautiful clothes, we, for our own part, enable their rebellion towards God.

Waking from our delusional dreams and calling the world for what we see it to be is not without great risk. As Andrew Napolitano pointed out so well in the title of his own recent book, It Is Dangerous to Be Right When the Government Is Wrong: The Case for Personal Freedom.

Continuing to suck on little blue pills while sleeping away our lives as part of the Great Matrix, is a safer solution. We can continue to pretend. Continue to hope in the ways of mankind. Continue to watch CNN or FOX and cast holy votes at the alter of the election box. But let’s not keep deluding ourselves into thinking that we have any concept of reality or love of truth.

And here’s a nasty but necessary caveat—choosing to leave the illusion of a false reality and then live in truth is not any guarantee of a better America. What it will do is to grasp personal liberty—the sort that is ours by inheritance, as creatures made in the image of God. And in the process of facing the delusions that characterize this kingdom, we open our minds and hearts to the reality and truth of the Kingdom of God.

And that’s the only kingdom that will survive this world. Sorry to spoil the story but it’s written in the last chapter—Genesis. God, while loving, patient, kind, and long-suffering, has his limit. His justice and holiness demand it. The United States of America, to include the Washington Monument and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, is going to meet a fate worse than any nuclear war could inflict. It’s going up in smoke. Completely. As in nothing left. The US flag will indeed be burned. Just like every other flag and nation in this kingdom. But not in protest—in wrath and judgement.

If you and I choose to live in that ultimate and solitary reality—that the Kingdom of God is the only kingdom that we should find worthy of our complete devotion, we find a liberty that no mere bit of historical document can establish. We don’t need a new political party. We need the only prince and king that can rule a real kingdom—Jesus Christ. And for the very reasons that I, Joe American, is so screwed up, my King took my punishment upon himself. And unlike any earthly king would do—he offered complete justification for all my rebellion for a price. Not really. Scratch that. For free. Absolutely for free. Because none of us is even a tiny bit capable of earning our liberty ourselves. All must do is reach out with my feeble, confused, filthy and immoral little hands and accept it.

Join me in resting from my futile attempts to find truth and rest in this society. In this nation. In this world. Not that we should not resist evil here and seek the lessor truths of this world. We should. We must. But if we do not seek, find, and acknowledge the greater Truth, our efforts are temporal. Eternally meaningless. Better to take the blue pill and plug back into the Matrix of our dreams and desires. Or so Cypher hoped.


John 14:1-11,

“Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me. 2 In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? 3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also. 4 And you know the way to where I am going.” 5 Thomas said to him, “Lord, we do not know where you are going. How can we know the way?” 6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. 7 If you had known me, you would have known my Father also. From now on you do know him and have seen him.” 8 Philip said to him, “Lord, show us the Father, and it is enough for us.” 9 Jesus said to him, “Have I been with you so long, and you still do not know me, Philip? Whoever has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’? 10 Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in me? The words that I say to you I do not speak on my own authority, but the Father who dwells in me does his works. 11 Believe me that I am in the Father and the Father is in me, or else believe on account of the works themselves.”

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  1. Dude, that was awesome. Speaking the truth in love. Nicely written and great insight from one of the most intelligent guys I know. Keep the oil flowing to the lighthouse my brother.

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