How bad is it, Doc?

bad.docA month of vague malaise led me to the doctor, finally. Fever, headaches . . . what part of my body is not aching? A bevy of blood tests led the doctor to conclude that it is probably a virus. “Come back and see me in a week if the fever is not gone.” Does he not know or does he know and doesn’t want to tell me? But he’s a good doc and he’s simply honest. Time will tell.

Economies are like that. They get sick, regularly. And, truth be told, there is nothing anyone can do to make them better. Not all the PhD economists in DC and at the Federal Reserve Bank combined. But that’s not what we all really believe. Or maybe we just know we are helpless to do anything but watch the horror movie unfold.

Trainloads of paper money have been printed since 2008 in an effort to keep the patient alive. But it has never left the intensive care unit, despite what government officials and the media keep telling us. Unemployment is as bad as ever, more people than ever are on some flavor of government hand-outs. EBT cards are the only reason we don’t see soup lines at every corner. The national debt is climbing in an exponential curve and Congress shows no desire to even acknowledge there is problem. The’ve got more important things to do like keep their elected positions by continuing the bread and circuses.

Were it all a virus, we could forgive them. But this is an intentional disorder, the sort that all governments engage in. Crony capitalism is now ubiquitous. Wall Street breaks the law and suffers no consequences. Heck, they even get bailed out with taxpayer money. A full scale rape and pillage of the middle class is underway.

This isn’t a common virus. It’s more like Ebola. Deadly. And the patients vital signs are looking very bad. The oil industry is in collapse although none of us is complaining at the low gas prices. From our end it looks good, unless we happen to be an unemployed oil industry worker. Or if we stop to consider the impact that the collapse of the oil industry is going to have on the economy. Trillions of dollars worldwide are invested in risky loans related to oil. A lot of it is probably in your pension fund.

The rich cronies are losing their grasp. Greece has landed in the laps of the Marxists and has become the omen of bad things in Euroland. The Swiss National Bank said “Nein!” to any more European Union money games. Japan’s economy has fully moved to DisneyLand as their experiments in US-advised money printing are putting the last nails in the coffin. The enormous Chinese economy has a high fever and is losing blood as rich Chinese hurry to move their wealth elsewhere.

The men behind the curtain know the end of their manipulations is in sight. Top hedge fund managers are buying remote real estate to flee to when the sheeple see the light. The high rate of mysterious banker deaths continues to dot the headlines. Was it really suicide? Why are these young men suddenly leaving the world? The Buffets of the world are selling risk and holding cash. Commodity prices, a real indicator of economic growth, are plummeting. Nations are buying record amounts of gold or at least trying to get their gold deposits back from the Federal Reserve Bank. Good luck.

The long term reports spell doom. US wages keep dropping and debts keep rising. Student and car loans are the new subprime market and are out of control. The housing market is flat or in decline, unless you consider the top 1% that makes the averages look nice. Real employment, measured the way it was before the government changed the rules, is over 20%. There is no recovery, folks.

What happens next is anyone’s guess. As is how long it will take to play out. But the doctors have run out of fancy drugs to keep pumping into the moribund patient.

My own personal economics are founded on something more solid than Keynesian professors,crooked bankers, crony politicians, and media talking heads. The truths of the Bible about the nature of man—he’s a beast and depraved, fueled by pride, power, envy, and greed. History. It may not predict the future but only a fool ignores what has repeatedly gone on before these times. Governments always become this way. Socialism always runs out of other people’s money, and the elderly generations start cannibalizing the younger ones.

The game is up for this round of US economic mania. Since the US dollar was removed from the connection to gold half a century ago, it’s been nothing but politicians buying votes, Wall Street buying politicians, and government spending and borrowing through the roof. It’s really not hard to pull off. Democracies always end with the government capturing the freedom of the citizen through endless promises of free stuff. People addicted to free stuff lose any sense of independence and true liberty. They submit to a government that is really more of a parent, and they become children in the process. Trusting. Hoping. Believing even when they know they are being lied to.

History teaches that governments never shrink voluntarily. They keep growing. Their favorite method of sustaining voter buy-in is creating enemies that threaten the nation, or so they assure us. Wars are the answer. Wars on poverty. Wars on drugs. Wars on weak nations around the world. Declaring war justifies further borrowing and spending. It turns strong men into weak men that patriotically hand over their rights and liberties to their parental authorities who have promised to save their land.

And world war has never been closer. The US continues to carry out false flag incidents to justify intervention in Ukraine and the Middle East. And despite the utter and repeated failure of foreign policy military actions since WWII, the US keeps up the game of replacing governments with those it prefers, arming its own enemies, and destabilizing entire regions of the world. All in the name of the new war against terrorism, whatever that is.

But there is a time for everything, the Bible assures us. And our time of reckoning is upon us. Generations of Americans that have exchanged economic independence for promises of Medicare and Social Security will discover that they are the willing victims of a Ponzi scheme. But don’t think the government will just roll over. Never happens. Never will. More money printing and more wars are the historic game plan. Until it can’t be done anymore.

So how do you want the patient to expire? Cancer, with its lingering demise, or something horrible and quick? Not that you and I have a choice. For my generation, we would likely prefer the cancer, at least getting some of our promised benefits at the cost of the young. Let them worry about themselves!

The young are the tragic victims. They live in a world that no longer recognizes college degrees. Wages and benefits, even if they can find a job, are not enough to support them. Dreams of buying cars, much less houses, are fading. Their efforts to save are checkmated by interest rates that cannot even stave off a shrinking bank account. Burdened by school debt and a rising cost of living, especially rent, a record number are still living with mom and pop, or are returning to the nest. Healthcare, even though they need little at their age, is rapidly becoming unaffordable, thanks to the unAffordable Care Act, another grand redistribution scheme. Oh, it’s not about redistributing wealth from the upper to the lower classes. It’s about moving everyone’s money to the insurance industry, which has a solid grip on the government. Nothing like selling a product that consumer are legally required to buy.

Nobody wants to ask the question, “How bad is it, Doc?” much less hear the answer. It’s bad. Very bad.

If economic decline is a horrible disease, what about outright violence in society? Does anyone really believe that large black cities are not going to go the way of Ferguson if EBT cards stop getting filled? Does anyone really believe that there is a politic solution to this? Apparently so. Partisan politics is effective. Most people I know still think that if the “other party” is sufficiently removed from power, all can be better. Little they know that there is no “other” party. Maybe they do know. Maybe they realize that there really is nothing that they can do to change things. Maybe they would rather just not think about such things and enjoy their continued life on credit. Chipotle’s and Applebee’s seem to be the medicine of choice as Americans currently spend 22% of their budget on dining out. What the heck. Drink up. For tomorrow we die.

Standing by the bedside of a dying relative is truly a helpless position. What can you do? Hope. Pray. And wait. Or is that really our situation? What if there was more that you could do? The good news is that there is.

Dealing with a bad situation requires that you first accept the fact that you are there. Denial is powerful. Choosing the blue pill is an alternative if you would simply put off dealing with the present. But wouldn’t you rather take the red pill and discover the truth? If we truly have all the characteristics that politicians keep claiming Americans have? Exceptional. Independent. Fighters for truth and justice?

The red pill brings pain, at first. It often results in a bit of anger at forces that you really cannot fight. But you will try. You will march to the ballot box and cast a serious and angry vote. For naught. And that might lead to depression as you realize the true state of our society.

Perhaps you are one who will rally around the Constitution. Good luck. That document died a long time ago. Even if it was not dead, the people that comprise this nation are morally dead. They care about gluten being dangerous but not foreign wars. They are more concerned about gay marriage than raising strong children. Heroes? Any of real merit have been replaced with idols in the entertainment and sports industries. Americans know more about the winner of American Idol than they do of world affairs.

If you will quiet your soul and listen, you might hear a small voice that says—“The patient is dead. It’s time time to get on with life.” That’s a good voice, don’t ignore it. Waking up from a coma is a good thing. But it can be a confusing experience, as your eyes search to make sense of a fuzzy world and you try to move weak and stiff limbs.

Now you begin to see a life that is not what you expected to be. A life where Social Security is not enough to be secure. A life where you will have to take action to improve your own health, physically and financially. But there is medicine for this disease.

Debt has to go. Usury was not a crime in the Old Testament for no logical reason. Debt kills. It is spending tomorrow’s labor for todays desires. The opposite of seeing a savings account gain interest is paying interest. Do all that you can to reduce your debt. Stop borrowing. Which means changing your life to fit your income. Austerity is not a bad word, as the citizen’s of Greece are currently claiming. It simply means spending no more than you earn or have.

Frugality is the medication that we all need. It’s not easy putting off things we think we need. We are surrounded by the most effective advertising industry that has ever existed. It’s time to see that they are merely drug pushers and we need to get off of their drugs.

Do you still vote? Stop. Not because it is a waste of your time. It is. Because it is narcotic. Cures nothing—just dulls the pain. Governments love it. Keeps up the illusion that you really can change things. As long as you keep hoping that government is the solution to your problems you will be unable to recover from your illness.

Your palms might be sweating by now. You might even feel that you are somehow unpatriotic. Un-American. Not at all. A real patriot stands for truth and justice, not an illusion. And the cold truth is that voting in government change has not helped a bit. It won’t restore your hopes of a retirement on private or government pensions. It won’t make things right, again.

Fevers are an indication that he body is fighting an unwelcome invader. The temperature is raised to make the body an environment that kills off bad things. It’s not comfortable.Yes, you want to reach for the blue pill, but all it will do it continue to mask your symptoms.

It finally comes down to a personal decision. A decision to claim your own liberty. An armed revolution? Not recommended. Not only is initiating violence contrary to the principles of liberty and the laws of God, historically it does not result in anything but one oppressive government replacing the last. No, violence is not the answer. Defending what is yours is the answer. And were it not effective, your palms would not be so sweaty at the moment. It works, and you are beginning to sense it, down deep.

And you might find yourself to be outcast from the population of zombies around you. They are staggering around convinced they are alive. The last thing they want is for you to tell them that they are brain-dead zombies. Free of their infection, you will stand out. They will claim that they are healthy and you are the infected one. But the only chance you have of helping them is to first help your self.

I’ve still got my viral infection. The fevers are not as high or constant. Will it turn out to be something nasty and I don’t want to know about? Maybe nasty, but if the doctor finds something, I want to know about it. There is great peace in truth, for it always serves to point me to the Great Truth—God. And therein lies the ultimate liberty. The final and totally effective red pill. There is a God. He is absolutely holy, loving and just. I am a sinner, a vile and depraved rebel to all he stands for. But my crimes have been paid for my God himself, through the life, death, and resurrection of his Son, Jesus Christ. My life and existence in him is ultimate liberty and the only real and eternal life. And in that truth the rest of the world’s problems and my problems fade into nothingness.

Time to call the doctor. You have suffered long enough.

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