Don’t Believe Just Any Doctor

balance-billingDon’t believe your doctor. Not about some things. Chances are he’s just a victim of his education. He really thinks the Emperor is not naked, sometimes. He’s convinced himself that he can really see his beautiful clothes, sort of.

Truth is hard to hide in the long run. But the run can be very long. Humans are coded to prefer the lie.

I can recall working in the health care industry when the HIV-AIDS hysteria first hit. Workers were scared senseless, as was the public.

Out of Africa, we are told, sprang this new monkey virus. And it was spreading like wildfire. If you believed it, and we did. The idea of dying slowly to a virus that turned your body into a breeding ground for chronic disease and cancer is never pleasant.

Time has a way of befuddling statistics. Over a short period statistics are whatever you want them to be. The lower the sample size the greater the chance of error. It’s only when the data continues to flow in that the real meaning of numbers becomes obvious.

And there was plenty of error it turned out. But money can cover a multitude of sins.

Over 500 billion dollars has been spent by our government on the HIV-AIDS issue in the past 30 years. And guess what? It’s been a colossal waste. Worse, it’s killed a lot of people.

Donald Miller, a well-known professor and heart surgeon recently published an excellent article summarizing the nightmare created by the alleged HIV virus and Autoimmune Deficiency Disease Syndrome. You can access it here. In it, he thoroughly explains the ruse and its results, and appends it with good references.

You won’t find the writings of Dr. Miller or any of the distinguished medical professionals he references in most medical journals, much less touted by the media. Because they expose the fraud that has consumed the nation’s medical universities, media, and government. And that fraud is still very profitable.

Recent research is finally exposing other error. Turns out that the medical community has been seriously wrong on many things. Cholesterol. Salt. Iodine. Vitamin D. And it will change the way medicine is practiced in the future, to our benefit.

This is the way science is supposed to work—new knowledge, soundly tested, displaces wrong ideas. It would work a lot faster if not stymied and thwarted by money, government and politics.

Turns out that nobody has ever really isolated an actual human immunodeficiency virus in an actual AIDS patient, try as they might. But when you want to believe something badly enough, it won’t stop you from believing it exists.

Politics got in the way. Modern politically-correct thinking got in the way. The desire to remove the stigma from homosexuality glossed over reality.

If HIV was the associated with AIDS, the nations of the world would be overflowing with AIDS by now. Africa ought to be a wasteland of corpses. And if it spread by heterosexual means, it would be paralleling the rise in other sexually-transmitted diseases filling a nation of unrestrained sex. But it isn’t.

A growing number of physicians and scientists are pointing out the undeniable. People who get AIDS are male homosexuals. And not just those by definition, but those who live wild lifestyles of frequent sex partners, drug use, and unprotected anal sex. The sort of lifestyle that destroys an immune system.

But you can no longer question such behavior when it has been elevated to normal. When a nation is bent on believing that these fellows are simply doing what comes naturally. And when questioning their behavior is now a social sin.

And no, AZT and other AIDS treatments not only do not cure, they probably kill you. Since the problem isn’t a viral infection, anti-viral treatments not only do not work, their suppression of the natural immunity of the body opens it to all sorts of biological chaos.

That’s why being HIV positive isn’t a death sentence, it turns out. Probably not even a big issue. Not only can you be exposed to the HIV virus and live, it may be part of a normal immune response. Not mot mention that the blood test is fraught with errors. There are plenty of factors and other illnesses, including being black, that can make you likely to test positive. And never die from AIDS.

How does such a lie become accepted fact? Same way that you get an entire population to believe that big government can solve the problems of the world. That Social Security programs are financially viable. That welfare programs reduce poverty. That prohibition will reduce problems with drugs and alcohol. That if we don’t start a war with some foreign threat, they will eventually start a war with us. Say something loud enough and long enough and people accept it as fact.

Humans are flawed, terribly so, by design. We have limited intelligence and a cap on how wise we ever can be. We are emotional beings, prone to react from our gut and not our head. Worse, we are infected by a real and insidious disease that we are prone to deny until our last breath—we are sinful.

Such a creature is doomed to imperfection, at best, and a life of confusion, at worst. We don’t even need a good scientific study to prove it. The history of mankind provides all the statistics we need. Our earthly record is strewn with death and destruction, no matter how we try to elevate and adorn our many good and great accomplishments.

The good news is that HIV-AIDS empire will eventually unravel. But not without a long trail of serious and deep damage. Half a trillion dollars of tax-payer money. Regulations and laws that have driven-up the cost of health care and diverted valuable resources from use in important areas. Two or three generations of Americans who believe lies and scientific fraud. That homosexual lifestyles are healthy. That calling a disease related to sinful behavior an illness, and creating a virus out of thin air is good science and medical practice. That governments are wise and helpful.

The bad news is that current lies will be supplanted by new lies. Because it’s profitable. And because our nature is to lie and deceive for our own gain. Dishonest and misled doctors and universities will continue to seek funding and fame. Politicians will continue to milk popular opinion. Governments will continue to be the centers that distribute the ill-gotten gains. And you and I, the taxpayer, will continue to be the source of that money.

Does it have to be this way? Yes, and no. We are flawed by nature. Any institution, university, government or glass-walled medical research facility we construct will be tainted by our sinfulness and human limitation. And so will be the case as long as this earth revolves around the sun.

No, we don’t have to wallow in our disease. It is one thing to be sick. It is another for a sick man to look in the mirror at the diseased wreck he is and declare himself fit and healthy. His only hope lies in first recognizing his condition, and then accepting the appropriate treatment.

The good news is that there is a cure. But it is radical and invasive. It reaches down to the source of the problem—a wicked and perverse heart. It’s literally an unworldly remedy—a heart transplant. Not the sort that buys a few years of extra life on this planet. Not the sort that takes out our time-limited lump of beating cardiac tissue to replace it with another one that has an expiration date. But the sort that removes the heart of sin and rebellion, and replaces it with a heart that beats for its Creator.

Ezekiel 11:19 (English Standard Version) “And I will give them one heart, and a new spirit I will put within them. I will remove the heart of stone from their flesh and give them a heart of flesh,
20 that they may walk in my statutes and keep my rules and obey them. And they shall be my people, and I will be their God.”

Like the person who discovers that the solution to his problem has been under his nose all along, so did God long ago clearly define our problem and pronounce the cure. The Holy Bible. From cover to cover the Bible is directed to one end. It describes and defines the problem—man’s rebellion and his hopeless condition before a holy and just God. And then it reveals God’s cure—Jesus Christ. One disease, one cure. One disease that if left untreated, is fatal. One cure, that when applied, has a 100% rate of success.

God is not waiting for mankind to respond. His patients are obstinate and would rather die in their condition than accept his intervention. He has been seeking out and curing sick men since the very beginning. And he repeats the same proven intervention, every time. He sends his Holy Spirit to open their blind eyes and unplug their deaf ears, that they might hear him pronounce their condition, and recognize the serious nature of their disease. But unlike the earthly doctor who has some bad news, God follows the pronouncement with the incredible news that there is a cure. A cure that is simple and free. He has sent a Savior, who has taken their disease upon himself and died in their place. And simply by accepting this wonderful gift at face value, the cure is complete.

Are you burdened by a growing awareness of your diseased state? Rejoice. There is a cure.

No health insurance or money is required. God invites you to his table to feast and drink of eternal life. He has paid the cost. He has set the table and filled it with a fare beyond any earthly imagination. He cares not that you are dressed in dirty rags. He cares not that you are unworthy and undeserving. Come as you are, afflicted with disease, wounds dripping with infection, and a body crippled by sin. What awaits is to wake in a recovery room in which you will find yourself dressed in the spotless garments of his Son, under the loving gaze of your Father, God, and Heavenly Physician.

Isaiah 55: (English Standard Version)
1 Come, everyone who thirsts,come to the waters;and he who has no money,come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.
2 Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which does not satisfy? Listen diligently to me, and eat what is good, and delight yourselves in rich food.
3 Incline your ear, and come to me; hear, that your soul may live . . .


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