And . . . the boogeyman is still under the bed

dailynews-isisHe was supposed to attack, today. The boogeyman ISIS, that is. As in ISIS that used to be al Queda, that used to the Mujahideen. The government and it’s presstitutes have been stoking the fear all weak. The 4th of July was ripe for attack by terrorists. All the whores from FOX News to CNBC have been dutifully working up the fear quotient.

It’s 11:00 PM on the West Coast and all is quiet. I guess I can turn the lights back on and come out of my fortified room. Until Russia or China attacks. Or Iran unleashed the nuclear bomb.

There’s always a chance that the terrorists are running late. Or maybe they are so devious they have planned an attack on July 5th, after we’ve let our guard down. Those devious devils.

The way this year is working out, Americans are dying in greater number to sharks than terrorists. Could it be that ISIS is somehow behind the shark attacks? Maybe they have trained the sharks to serve as their salt water drones.

Hand it to our government for knowing how to use fear. It’s been the mark of most governments since the beginning of time. Scare the people and then offer them protection. Remind them that it is your powerful rule that keeps them from outright anarchy and horror.

There are indeed fearful powers in the world. And they plot and carry out devious and evil things. But they are rarely what those in power would direct your attention to, or they would be pointing at themselves.

But don’t count on the sheeple to figure this out on their on   . Boobus americanus will go back to sleep tomorrow, only to be easily roused when the next warning comes out. And if all works out well for the government some actual event might occur before them, reinforcing their message.

girly man pose

It makes the point that we are generally a bunch of girly-men (no offense to actual girls intended). Softened and citified by modern life and having grown dependent upon our government for even the permission to carry cash on our persons, we are not exactly John Wayne types, much less Teddy Roosevelt’s. No, we are the metro men of the 21st Century—more often talking about hair tinting and Facebook than manly things.

Maybe we need a new movement like the original Boy Scout movement—something that rises to address the disease of girly-ness. But that’s unlikely to help. The simple truth is that men whose existence is defined by the softness of modern life are what they are. Raising a new generation will require the appropriate environment.

Perhaps an economic collapse so severe that it breaks down modern society might have he unexpected benefit of creating an environment that would foster self-reliance. Perhaps a horrifc war that is so costly that it forces the rank and file citizen to live on the front lines as see hard life up close. Or maybe when boobus figures out that the real danger to his safety is the increasingly tyrannical government that is robbing him of his wealth and sucking away his freedoms, one-by-one.

Maybe there’s a better answer.

What if the greatest reasons for the fearful nature of the American people is moral, not physical? Spiritual, not economic?

What if the Holy Spirit were to move upon this nation and seed Biblical standards of truth? What if the hearts of men were transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, pointing them to their sinful hearts and redirecting them to God’s standard for men?

But I doubt you’ll hear anything like that coming out the mouths of those in government or their minions in the press. Fear is their favorite currency. Not that it matters. God is indeed God over his entire creation. He needs no approval. No granting of authority. No stinkin’ badge. He’s God and there is no other.

As another day of projected calamity passes by without real event, what if we stopped worshiping those in power on this earth as being God, and worshipped God, himself? What if we stopped looking to man for our physical safety and turned to he whose gracious Spirit restrains evil and prevents this earth from becoming Hell, itself?

be afraid


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