Helping You Forget the Next Election

serveimageAfter my last post on better things to do than being involved in politics, it occurred to be that there are lots of hanger’s-on. People who just can let go of the possibility that they can influence the next election. So I’m going to save you the worry and concern.

Hillary Clinton will be the next president. Count on it.

Despite scandal after scandal, Hillary has proven to be teflon. Nothing sticks. Like other powerful political families in the world, the more  the Clinton’s steal the more popular  they become. Scandals aren’t going to do anything to hurt her chances.

Americans have proven that they are more than willing to elect the town dunce to the office of President. They did it with Bush II. Then they did it with Obama, proving that the skills, intellect, or ability of the President is not their concern.

Voting has little to do with who wins the election, anyway. The real link is power. And power follows money. The Clinton’s have proven themselves masters at that game, running circles around the less-skilled charlatans and otherwise criminal in D.C.

Follow the trend, always. The trend in America has been towards personality politics, not wise and capable leaders. Why would that change?

Americans are concerned about one thing at this point, as a majority—themselves. Their Social Security. Their Medicare. Their Affordable Healthcare.

A sizable hunk of the voting population receives government hand-outs. Do you really think they are going to vote for anyone other than the candidate who will continue their checks?

America is becoming an hispanic nation. Hispanics haven’t ever and won’t, anytime soon, vote Republican. Not in your dreams.

Not that it would matter in terms of outcome if a Republican was elected. Republicans have proven to be staunch allies of our wanna-be-dictator of a President. So console yourselves in knowing that the outcome will be similar.

Now for the bright side for those of you who insist on clinging to a hope in politics. The American foreign policy is in shambles. The American Empire is gasping for breath. It’s economy is a dead man walking. Whoever is the next president is likely to oversee the greatest collapse our nation has seen and will bear the blame. You can then smile and find some sort of joy in knowing that the DNC has gotten its just desert.

For those of you who love war and believe that the US needs to be fighting Russia, Iran, and China, you probably won’t be disappointed. Hillary Clinton is as militaristic as Cheney. Maybe more. You’ll probably get your wish.

So relax. It’s a done deal. Yes, you’ve suffered great disillusionment over the past decades, watching our formerly great nation become a travesty. Hang on. Any lingering doubts you have are about to be taken care of.

That leaves us only with what we are to do in nation that becomes even more of a laughing stock than the one we live in at the moment. Think of the poor citizens of France, or the confused socialists of Sweden. They’ve been there for years, but that doesn’t mean that the average Frenchman or Swede is depressed, unhappy, and unfruitful in their lives. We can do the same. Now get on with living life.



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