Better Things To Do Than Engage in Politics

If I wasn’t already an avowed non-voter, the events of the last few years would certainly have sealed the deal. As the GOP goes out of its way to push through a secret trade deal, against the majority views of conservative voters, they have revealed the soul of politics. Power follows money.

And if it wasn’t the TPP, pass it so we can know what’s in it deal, I would have been totally convinced by the unswerving votes for more government snooping. Or the President signing a law limiting mass data collection and then, less than 4 hours later, going to court to continue doing the same.

Or maybe it would be the increasing and blatant corruption for which there is never even the attempt to bring about justice. From Kill-ary Clinton to the neoconservative support of anything that has to do with more war. Or he sham Republican efforts to reform healthcare. If we ever had any doubts that Congressman were in the backpackers of bankers and industrialists, we don’t have them now.

Voting is a privilege. And totally worthless. Not only does it not change anything, it serves as an opiate for the masses. It gives them the illusion that they really can change the government that is out of control. Voting is a nice idea that has no effect on modern, fascist governments other than keeping you quiet and passive.

There are so many good and worthwhile things that you can do rather than get involved in politics. Things that will make a real difference in you own life and the lives of those around you.

Grow a vegetable garden. Raise chickens. Both will provide savings and healthy food for years to come, besides provide you with hours of entertainment and healthy activity.

Study a foreign language. No better time than to take up Spanish, a language that is definitely going to be a plus in our future hispanic-tilted culture. I have found that even conversational Spanish makes a real difference in my ability to communicate on the job and in the local community. And you can finally begin to know what being said on the plethora of Spanish radio and television stations that are taking over the airwaves.

Volunteer in your local community. Not only will you be helping those in need, but you will be helping yourself live a happier life. Contributing time to a home for unwed mothers will do something real and meaningful to reduce the abortion epidemic. Spending time at a local shelter or food bank will help with the problem of homelessness and address the growing population of hungry folks in these bad economic times.

Take a course in a skill that might serve you well to provide a second income, whether its in construction technology or something like bookkeeping. Or better yet, earn some money in a second income. Uber and Lyft are providing real incomes to those who have the spare time and a good car to use as a taxi, as well as bring down the cost of transportation in the local community.

Put together emergency supplies for an earthquake, hurricane, or whatever sort of natural disaster your area is prone to. Most of us agree with the idea of preparation for such an event but never get around to actually putting together a couple of weeks supplies of food, water, blankets, flashlights, and emergency gear.

Study the Bible. Use energy otherwise wasted on politics in exchange for the a better understanding of how to live in this kingdom while being a better citizen of God’s Kingdom. That’s a win-win.

Spend the time with your spouse and children, grandchildren, and that extended family you wish you had more time for. Rather than waste time listening to political talk shows (aren’t they all?) or watching the news, use that time for enjoying and sharing yourself with those who are precious to you.

Downsizing and simplification are trends that are sweeping the nation, but who has the time? Exchange time wasted in politics for time to better organize your home, pare down possessions or turn some of them into cash through a garage sale or on eBay. We all could use more cash during these days of decreasing income and increasing costs of living.

Or take the advice of that great country singer, Terri Clark.

I could (rather than engage in politics)
Wash my car in the rain,
Change my new guitar strings,
Mow the yard just the same as I did yesterday.
I don’t need to waste my time crying over politics,
I got better things to do . . .

If you really have to do something that involves politics, than spend time in the only area you are likely to change–your community. Attend local city council meetings to find out what is going on in your community. Speak out. Your chances of making an impact are infinitely better locally than at state and national levels.

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