Fire Them Already

Hillary-Clinton-Scandal-2-1 Governments are exempt from performance expectations. Unlike the rest of us, they don’t get fired. Nor sent to jail. Heck, government officials and politicians are really even subject to a stern counseling.

How long as has the investigation into outright deception by the IRS been going on? Does anyone really think that anything will result from it? It’s being killed by the calendar, as planned. The only reason why Congress even investigates such things anymore is for political capital—to embarrass the other party in hopes of making election gains in the next cycle.

And during all the hoopla of over the NSA and the extension of the Patriot Act, did anyone bother to ask them why, as the FBI claims, not one terrorist situation has been prevented by all the data they have collected?

Or how it is that they can spend so much efforts in spying on our own citizens while failing to stop any of the recent cyber-hacking incidents. You know, the attacked blamed on China and Russia that accessed personal information of taxpayers at the IRS or the gazillion federal employees? Not to mention the recent hack by Syria into the US Army’s computers.


Now we get the figures on how many vehicles and weapons that ISIS just gained by its easy defeat of the Iraqi forces at Mosul. 2,400 Humvees, 74,000 machine guns, and dozens of M1-Abram tanks and howitzers. A tiny ISIS force rolled over an Iraqi force that was many times its size like a hot knife going through butter. All the while our government assures us that it is winning the war.

It’s the old scam played by almost every public school system. When their outright failure to educate our children becomes apparent, the problem is always said to be too few teachers and resources and not enough money. And they always get more. And we get more regulations, like the latest generation of Core Curriculum standards.

The answer is never to fire the bums. Just give them more money and power.

It’s not that the citizen can do anything about this. Government is now far too large and powerful to be affected by elections. So we can’t be said to be complicit by not removing them. We can’t. But why do we keep offering our undying, enthusiastic support for a system that has failed us?

Could it be just a bizarre form of Stockholm Syndrome? Are hostage citizens simply brainwashed into feeling support for their captors? I can’t think of any other explanation.

The last several years have delivered a constant stream of corruption and lack of accountability. Lies are now simply accepted. Congress is clearly in the backpockets of the bankers and industry. Power follows money. But we still wave our flags and want to believe that somehow something is going to be done to make things right.

Well, it’s not. The only hope that remains is that the entire mess will soon implode on itself as it runs out of money and the economy tanks. But that’s been prevented by the collusion of government and the Federal Reserve Bank, who keeps printing money as though there is no tomorrow.

It’s enough to make one want to beat their head against a concrete wall. Repeatedly. Not because of the government—it’s doing what all modern governments do when they finally straddle the gap between socialism/communism and capitalism. It’s called fascism. Fascist governments never die gently. Like zombies they have to have their head blown off. In the mean time they live by eating our brains.

Sometimes wars blow the heads off zombie governments as they finally declare too many. And lose. Sometimes it’s a massive collapse of the economy. Sometimes it’s social unrest that eventually grows so potent that it unseats those in power. But it’s never pretty.

Social forces aren’t going to be effective unless and until the average citizen decides he has suffered enough. Stops cheering them on and waving the flag. Stops believing that voting is anything more than an privilege that changes nothing. Stops worshipping the system.

We aren’t there yet. Still too much grease in the stomach, the old Eastern philosophers would say. Until there is real hunger, little changes.

George Orwell said, “Until they become conscious, they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled, they cannot become conscious.”

Rebellion need not be violent, and shouldn’t be. In can be in a person’s mind and spirit. That moment when he says, “No more.” There is a growing but tiny minority of Americans who are reaching that point. Will it be enough to force change? Time will tell.

For now, as long as we keep making excuses for them and buying theirs, we have the government we deserve.


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