Trans-Exceptional Is What We Are

iu-2-1Bruce Jenner is a woman, now. Really. Whack-whack. Stuff-stuff. And lots of hormone therapy later. Call him Caitlyn. But call him Republican and invite him on board if you’re Lindsay Graham, presidential reality show participant.

That’s where the slippery slope has led. And this is an exceptional nation that wants to lead the world? Gag me with a spoon.

The social re-constructionists are winning. No rules. No limits. Nothing is right or wrong. We just make up the morals along the way.

Male soldiers in high heels told to “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” so they can better relate to their female warrior peers. And you’ll be glad to know that the US Air Force is moving towards active duty trans-gender’s. Wonder why the US military can’t win against backward rag-tag armies of Muslim extremists?

iuBut what do you expect in a nation run by Congressman that have to pass laws to see what is in them? Mature and wise behavior? This is insanity and corruption on parade.

Conservatives worry that America is about to fall off of a moral precipice. About to?

The vast wealth and power of America is all that remains. All that holds up this nation. And its grip is slipping. Parents, who certainly want the best future for their children, apparently have no issue with heaping onto them trillions on national debt. Trans-morality. Just blame it on the government, all the while continuing to vote and play the game. Maybe they just want to be sure to model citizenship for their kids.

The US has decided that it can slap “trans” and other modifiers in front of any established truth to make it not so. Put “homo” in front of sexual and you’ve created a new being. Made the unnatural, natural. We just make up the rules as we go.

While we judge the Muslim oppression of women, rightly so, do we not also take into account our own culture’s destruction of the traditional family?

iuOne of Osama bin Laden’s favorite writers was Sayyid Qutb, an Egyptian Muslim who found that time in the US led him to experience a rebirth in his Muslim faith—a come to Allah moment. What he saw in Western culture caused him to search his soul. Bestial sexual mores. In the mind of the young Muslim zealot, America is clearly satanic. Add to that the destruction of his homeland financed by the US and its allies and supported by our military. Should the Arab Spring be such a surprise?

We may be an exceptional military and economic might but we have lost any exceptional moral status. We judge Muslim extremists for lopping off heads while we extol the lopping off sexual appendages. Ask them to stop oppressing women while we suggest that men can become women. Insist they embrace our own lack of morality. Along with our wonderful democratic ways. And don’t forget to sell us that oil cheap…

Throw in trans-Christianity. The strive-to-be-relevant, ego-reaffirming mega-churches instead of mega-truth. Christians more concerned about a candidate being “born again” of the tongue rather than the spirit. Trans-Christians who line up behind every new war, as long as it somehow prepares Israel for the Rapture.

Jesus said that you can know a tree by its fruit. America has decided that you can graft a penis on a woman and make her a man, well, if she really feels she is one, deep down inside.

The degenerate American culture or Islamic fundamentalists. Who is the greater threat to the world? Don’t ask me. I’m trans-fixed on our our confusion and trans-morality. And I’m no longer into voting for the lessor of two evils. Evil is evil. I’ll take neither, thank you.

Seems like it is time for America to tuck its hermaphroditic tail between its legs and stop trying to teach the world about anything right and wrong. Until we can figure out which of us is a man and which is a woman, we aren’t in a position to teach much of anything.



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