Ed Snowden, An American of Character

free speech

Sen Rand Paul, may he be blessed, continued his stand against renewal of The Patriot Act. The sickening attempts to stop his efforts by the warmongers of the Democrat and Republican parties is no surprise, although it is disturbing to see how corrupt and tyrannical has become our government. What is more alarming is the lack of concern among Americans who call themselves conservative. Therein lies the greater threat to America–men who lack even a modicum of the understanding of liberty that was possessed by the Founders. Men who worship a twisted form of patriotism.

If there is any hope of change, it is lessened by a populace of sheep in men’s clothing. Men who have no concept of self-reliance and who are willing to give over the substance of liberty to the same men that they know have signed into massive laws like Obamacare, the TPP, and The Patriot Act while all the while admitting that they have not even read the contents. Men who are willing to allow the corrupt to rule unchecked.

Some think it is foolishness. But it is nothing less than evil spawned by the twisted minds of voters who secretly hide their utter personal dependence upon the modern central state. Tyrants could not have designed a better and more willing populace.

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