Pissed-Off Rednecks vs The Ivy League and the Rappers

Just when you think that any spirit of liberty has disappeared, along comes Jamie Jones, the Pissed-Off Redneck. If redneck means stupid and unaware, that’s not Jamie. His popular song on YouTube is a good listen, and not so much because he is a talented singer and composer, but because of the message.

There’s a lot of emotion in the lyrics. And a lot of attitude. More importantly, it shows that Joe America is waking up. He’s been quiet. He’s been hoping that something would change when he cast his vote at the election booth. But it hasn’t worked and he’s starting to see the writing on the wall.

The message is not one of rebellion. It’s not one of violence. It’s a warning—he’s letting the rulers know that he has a limit. That their policies have not worked and are now pushing against his limits.

Joe America is the guy working hard in a struggling and worsening economy, made so by a corrupt government and failed policies. Made so by bankers having been given the keys to the economy and using that power to gradually steal the wealth from the common man to enrich themselves.

This isn’t the red, white and blue ballad that extols an exceptional America and justifies anything she does. It’s not a rant against the world sort of patriotism. There is no deification of the military. There is no “I’m proud to be an American” message. No, this is a “I’m an American and you better realize it” message. It’s not sung to the world. It’s meant to be heard by those in power and Joe’s neighbors. Joe is waking up.

Despite the control of the media by the state, Joe is getting the real message through the impact that government failure is having on his life and the lives of those around him. No surprise that Joe is ticked at Obamacare and government financial repression. But some of the song’s message reveals that Joe is beginning to understand that the affront on his liberty goes even deeper.

As Baltimore still smolders and the it becomes obvious that the welfare state has created a monster, Joe America has been going to work, supporting his own family. Struggling with periods of unemployment. Trying to pay the bills as inflation and Obamacare eat away at his decreasing earnings. And starting to suspect that all that money he has poured into Social Security is never going to be returned.

Trouble waits when it become more apparent to Joe that he’s been the victim of a grand Ponzi scheme. He’s already aware that his earnings fund people that don’t want to work. People who eat better than his family does. People who don’t pay rent and receive free medical care. When he finds out that the government is going to confiscate his pension plan and roll it over into Social Security, will it be the final straw?

The rising violence in big cities, should it continue and spread, will only increase the convictions of Joe America. That big governments don’t work very well. That turning over our lives to Washington, D.C., means having your money stolen and redistributed to others, having your children’s lives destroyed in government schools, and having Ivy League egg-heads in government control every aspect of your life.

Civil war? Unlikely. But, balkanization is a real possibility. Joe America doesn’t live in the inner-city. He’s born and bred in regions away from the big population areas. If and when enough destabilization occurs nationally, Joe is going to do what he does best—turn to his roots and his culture. His people. He’s going to find community. And when that community is large enough, it may be a major force in turning these United States into less-united states.

This is a trend going on around the world. The failure of socialism and big centralized government is going on globally. There are serious movements in Europe, as separatists in France, Spain, Scotland, Crimea, and other nations begin to seek independence. The European Union is only a Greece away from trouble. The United States may only be a major economic depression away from similar movements, if not culturally, regionally.

But that is all in the distant future. The near future is one of economic trouble. It may come in the form of a sudden and painful collapse. Or it may come in the form of a continued zombie economy, propped up by money printing. A gradual and continued descent into ever-increasing poverty. Nobody can know as the world has never witnessed outright control of all major economies by central banks and governments that know no restraints on borrowing and spending.

Recovery via the normal mechanisms of growing economies and increased government revenue is mathematically impossible. The debts accumulated thus far are so great that it would take nothing less than a miraculous period of robust growth—something that has never been seen in history. And that sort of growth cannot occur under the weight of massive debt and the level of corruption currently in place.

But it won’t matter to Joe. Whether he is cast into abject poverty by a sudden collapse or is slowly starved, he seems to be reaching a point of maximum patience and tolerance. Joe has got a limit. Right now he’s putting his feelings into the lyrics of songs and is singing the blues. Not “poor me, pass me another drink,” blues. But blues that convey that he knows the source of the problem and he’s had enough.

The only question that remains is how Joe America will act next. He’s not the type to take action—yet. And, truthfully, Joe is beginning to see that the ballot box offers little hope. We should be more concerned about his reaction to whatever is coming down the pike.

Joe America is not the type to initiate violence, and nothing in that song suggests it. But Joe is clearly letting the rulers know that he’s drawn a line in the sand and they better think twice before they cross it.

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