Does a Rand Paul Type Have a Chance?

rand-paul-ends-patriot-act-filibProbably not. Barring some unforeseen revival in American paleo-conservatism, Rand Paul has no chance at winning the nomination of the GOP. He will never raise the money necessary for a successful bid. And if that isn’t enough, he’d would never be allowed in by those in charge of the GOP at the state levels, meeting the same fate as his father, Ron.

Americans on the right are still in love with war. The still walk in fear of a new USSR, Iran with the bomb, and the Muslim hordes. They still haven’t connected the foreign policy dots that link American aggression abroad with the reason that the US is hated by so many. And it’s doubtful that anything is going to change in the heart of a fearful man living in a delusion. Such changes only arise out of confidence and courage, which still decorate the speech of conservatives but are belied by their actions.

Conservatives still want desperately to believe that America’s form of government can be salvaged. That decades of legal court precedent that makes the Constitution no more than a bit of crumpled paper can be disappeared in a cloud of smoke and that a corrupt Congress can be made whole, again, at the ballot box.

Conservatives voters value the same thing that their congressman do—a majority in the House and Senate, and a Republican in the White House, despite the fact when they obtain those positions they continue their same old game of feeding the warfare state and supporting the welfare state. But it feels good. It feels hopeful.

Far better than that dreaded feeling of having the other party in control as they hopelessly watch their nation continue it’s death swirl around the bathtub drain. But that situation reinforces their delusion—that the problems with America are the fault of the liberals and that if the positions of power can be retaken, there is a chance for change.

So Charlie Brown falls for Lucy’s “kick the football” routine,once again. Like Charlie, American conservatives want desperately to believe in the goodness of the system, rather than find out that their deep seated fear that it is not is right, after all.

They will be the last ones to ever realize that the problem with the system is not the system. It is them. The enablers. The ones who know that the system is corrupt but, at the last moment, always fall in line and vote for the lessor of two evils.

The power money delivers want they still want—someone who will go to war, keep the Patriot Act in place, and otherwise talk a good game of intentions regarding abortion, religious freedom, and smaller government. Such candidates deal with their inner fears of national insecurity, and relieve their consciences at voting time. He says he is for less government. It’s not my fault that he didn’t actually keep his promises.

And they are more than willing to turn a blind eye to corruption, as long as it is the corruption of the well-meaning candidates, and not those on the left. And not that they really care all that much about that, except when exposing the corruption of the other party might ensure the success of their own in gaining and retaining office.

It reveals their actual values, which are the underlying values of America as we now know it. The abuses and indiscretions of politicians and government officials is valuable to them politically.

The talks shows on radio and television are all about airing the flaws of the other party, in mock outrage. If they were really outraged, they would go on the attack when any national figure was caught in a lie or caught with his hand in the cookie jar. But, left and right, that’s not what motivates Americans of our time. Because they are desperate on the right, and determined on the left.

Progressives have long embraced any means to an end. And they have no qualms or reservations. It’s the conservatives that are caught in a moral Catch-22. They know the ropes. Power rules. And you don’t get power by sticking to principles. You win it in elections. And so they stoop to the same low position as the progressives, although they can’t bear to admit it.

From the looks of the Presidential Reality Show getting ready to be aired in 2016, they will get what they want, at least in terms of candidates. More war. More good-sounding talk and promises. Enough to ease their consciences and allow them to shuffle up to the voting booth and continue the charade.

Rand Paul recently stood up, alone, against the Senate’s plan to extend the Patriot Act. Stood up against abuses of our liberty. And he has been temporarily successful, at least in gaining a delay. But it’s only a matter of time until the extension is passed. After all, this is the same Senate that just passed another major piece of legislation that they admit they haven’t read. By Senators who have no fear of not being re-elected, because they know the American people. These are not the sort of people who are ready for a Rand Paul. They aren’t even interested.

In the end, conservative America will get the government that they want. And they’ll get it good and hard.

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