God Abhors a Moral Vacuum


Nature deplores a vacuum. Or so it goes with physics. The same goes for God’s moral universe. He abhors a moral vacuum. And he will not tolerate one, forever. Remove the only standard for right and wrong, God’s laws as given in the Holy Bible, and bad things eventually happen. It might start with a jump in the misery index. And it can end when floods consume the earth, fire and brimstone incinerate towns, and invading armies plunder, pillage, rape, and level cities to the ground.

That’s where we are at in the United States. The past century has seen the government and society move decidedly and willfully away from God’s standards for what is right and just. And we know it, no matter what any plebeian or patrician might say in protest. The laws of God are evident to all men, whether or not they choose to acknowledge them.

The economy is a dead man walking. As the Federal Reserve Bank continues to print money out of thin air and lend it for free to the wealthy and powerful, an enormous debt bubble is being created. On paper, all looks good. The stock markets are climbing in the stratosphere and there is the expected “wealth effect.” On paper we look rich.

According to government economists, things are turning around. But below the surface the economic fraud has never been more evident. Record numbers of Americans are not working. More and more are dependent upon government subsidies. The average income of American households, as well as their net worth has been steadily declining for years. New jobs are hard to find and are all too often part-time and at a low wage. Personal, corporate, and government debt are at record highs.

The government is shifting from one that once served to protect the individual from the abuses of the state to becoming the abuser of of the individual. Liberty is in decline. The government is expanding like the waistline of most Americans. Obesity prevails. From the bloated bureaucracy and its ever-increasing intrusion in and control over every part of our lives, to the campaign contributions made by crony capitalists for the reelection of the congressmen they have in their back pockets.

The industrial-defense complex continues to binge feed on taxpayer money, growing larger than ever. The amount America now spends on its military is now greater than the next seven largest military-spending nations on the list. And it is getting used. The Wolfowitz Doctrine that pits the US forever against the world continues to dictate an insane military involvement around the world, furiously attempting to stamp out any and every perceived threat to American hegemony. That’s a tall order. A utopia of peace through war is a foolhardy endeavor. And the results have been predictable. We stand perilously close to World War III as US ships line up agains Iranian warships off the cost of Yemen and the entire Middle East is smoldering pile of rubble. And despite any logic or reason, the US continues to push eagerly to force Russia into a conflict over it’s bordering nation, Ukraine.

As the next Presidential election approaches, the true state of the Union is dismal, at best. Americans, once again, will have a choice between big government or big government, the Clinton Dynasty or the Bush Dynasty.  Despite the continual relations of the abuse of our rights of privacy, most Americans are still hoping beyond hope  that the NSA really has their best interests at heart. The police state is becoming an increasing reality, not only in the daily abuse of citizens by those empowered to enforce the law, but in the presence of the US military in our very communities.

Nothing that shouldn’t be expected when a nation and society turn from God’s laws. The past century has seen the American values of hard work and saving replaced by borrowing and consumption—living today off of tomorrow’s promises. Borrow, spend, and boogie like there’s no tomorrow.

The basic tenants of God’s laws concerning property and behavior are not only ignored, but found in increasing disdain. Most Americans, while opposing increased taxes, have no real moral issue with stealing from their neighbors. When it is done by the government on their behalf. They approve of programs such as social security and many, if not all, of the social nets that politicians love to put into place. Tax the rich and give the proceeds to the rest of us.

Most Americans, likewise, are willing to trade their neighbor’s rights to privacy and a peaceful life to assuage their fears of invasion by Muslims or whatever threat the government and its servile presstitutes in the media assure them are real. Tap your neighbors email? Take his money to pay for increasing military aggression? No problem. It’s for the greater good. Use our military to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent non-combatants in the effort to stamp out some renegade dictator on the other side of the world? No problem.

Government and liberty will always be opposed to each other. As one grows the other must shrink. And in America it is liberty that is losing to government. Is it right? Of course not. But it may be deserved by a people who turn away from God’s laws. Who turn to their immediate fleshly desires rather than uphold and honor God’s laws.

Those that will not work should not be fed. It’s a clear principle in God’s law. Yet we endorse politicians who take money from working citizens to give to those who don’t. Oh, we may have personal beliefs as to how such programs ought to proceed but few of us really oppose some sort of government safety net. Even though it’s clearly wrong.

Property rights are clearly given throughout the Bible. The right to property and the right to have money. Both for us and our neighbor. We often vocalize these but when it comes down to our personal life choices and voting, we show our true colors. Government force is OK, when it is shaping the world in the way that pleases us at the moment. Fearful of measles? Then support forceful government vaccination of your neighbor’s children. Hate to see discrimination? Then support government force in mandating who your local businesses must do business with.

Such is the result when a people worship things of this world. When people see government as the solution to man’s problems, rather than God, himself. Worship the government and you will get the god that you deserve. Worship your military and you will reap the windfalls of war. Worship your appetite and you will suffer the consequences of debt and economic hardship. Spit in the face of the moral laws of God and you will suffer the consequences.

Despair? Not for the Christian who understands who he is and who God is. Who understands that America never was a Christian nation. Who knows that there will there ever be but one Christian nation—the Kingdom of God. And it is not of this world. In that lies our hope.

Even under our increasingly tyrannical government and in the midst of our crumbling economy, we are in no way as challenged as the Christians who were the recipient of the letters written by Paul and Peter to the Church at that time. Nor do we exist under a government as abusive as that which existed when Christ walked the earth. Yet the Bible gives us clear instructions as to how we are to live as citizens of heaven. They apply when governments and times are good, and when they are not so good.

We are to submit to authority. Live peacefully with our neighbors. Pray for our rulers. Work with our hands. Spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Find our identity in a local church, the Body of Christ, and gather weekly in holy worship. Love the brethren. Whether that is facilitated or opposed by the government and those around us. Whether that ends up in a peaceful and prosperous life on this earth or lands us in prison.

Revolution? To violently revolt against our local authorities is to revolt against God, himself. If Paul could command Christian slaves to serve their masters well, how much more are we commanded to contently work out our lives in our own situations? God is sovereign. He has placed us in our lives and times in the wisdom of his providence. He knows our comings and goings, and he knows the future he has prepared for us. In that we are rightfully commanded to be content.

Should a Christian then vote, if there is no real hope in change coming from politics? If it is a matter of conscience, yes. And his voting should reflect the laws of God. And if it is matter of conscience, don’t vote. It is not illegal, yet, to peacefully refuse to participate in a system that one believes is corrupt and harmful. It is not the voting that is the issue, but resting upon one’s superior, eternal position in the Kingdom of God. Recognizing that he places and removes rulers in this world, as it pleases him.

Can we call out the wrong doing that increasingly surrounds us? By all means, when we do so in a way that is not violent or disruptive to the ability of government to maintain the peace. If a voice is given to you as a citizen, use it. Not to destroy authority, but to seek its reform. And if you are a Christian, to live in a way that reflects the understanding that the rulers of this land are not the enemy, but a mission field. For in that is real hope. Hope based upon the reality that nations change only when the hearts of people change. Our own hearts. The hearts of our neighbors. The hearts of our rulers.

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