Knocking on the Bear’s Den

GTY_grizzly_bear_jt_130818_16x9_992Einstein once defined insanity as “ . . .doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

US and NATO leaders are obviously insane. And poor students of history.

As the pressure on Russia continues to be ratcheted up, war seems only a matter of time. Unless the wise Putin can pull of another diplomatic victory ala Iran and Syria. But he’s only human.

The US military has not won a war since WWII. Well, let’s give ourselves credit for the clear victory during the invasion of the tiny island of Grenada. Every effort to employ sanctions results in war. In that sanctions are an act of war we shouldn’t be surprised. And our every effort to invade, conquer and maintain control small nations with backwater military forces ends up in humiliating defeat.

In 1812, Napoleon decided to go after Russia. He entered with a massive army 670,000 strong. He left with a limping remnant of 27,000. Hitler, obviously no wiser or perhaps just as much of a megalomaniac, attacked Russia as well. The might of the Third Reich was decisively broken, making them unable to defend against the attack of US and UK forces upon the mainland of Europe.

Russia is appropriately represented by a bear. I’ve got bears at my mountain home. They are the strongest predators in the area, but of little threat to their neighbors. Just don’t mess with a momma bear when she has cubs. She’ll defend them to the death. Your death. Leave them alone and they are content to leave you alone. And their cubs are cute to watch.

The US has decided to fall on its sword over the small country of Ukraine. More specifically, the right to keep in power the current gang of thugs that calls itself a government. What it really is all about is who gets to run the world. The US claims that right and it sees Russia as a potential, future threat to American hegemony.

And even though we can’t defeat backwards nations in far away lands, we are so bold as to think that we, with our NATO lackeys, can attack a nation that has honed its military skills on defensive warfare. With the same NATO lackeys that have share our experience in attacking small, backward nations.

Like them or not, Russia is not a land with a history of taking their empire to the rest of the world. But they’ve known the pain of defending themselves against aggressors. And have proven over again that they will not accept foreign domination. Even if they have to retreat across the broad expanse of Russia, burning their cities behind them rather than leave any gain to the aggressor.

Right now Mr. Putin enjoys unprecedented popular support on the issue of securing Russian borders. Ukraine is on his border, not ours. And the Russian population sees the real trouble maker as the US. Popular sentiment is more negative towards the US than at any time during the former days of the Soviet Union.

So we are about to engage a people who will be fighting for their homeland. Think of the American response to 9/11. The groundswell of patriotism and willingness to fight back against those that had dared to attack an American city. Think the Russian people will be patsies? These are people who drink vodka straight while snacking on sour pickles, hard bread, and fish.

What is Washington DC thinking? They are thinking what they have been thinking for years. That America is exceptional. That God is on our side. That American dominance in the world, militarily and economically, is a birthright.

Ike Eisenhower warned us. Told us to beware of the huge industrial-defense complex. The power and threat that comes with having the a mighty combination of the Pentagon, weapon-making corporatists, and power hungry politicians.

How’s this war thing going, anyway? Very well for politicians and profit-makers. Very poorly for histories sake. And for the future generations of Americans who will suffer economically. And very possibly from the many enemies we are so talented at making.

So far the American strategy is to first use the CIA to overturn governments not willing to sit at our feet. If that doesn’t work, we begin to paint them as enemies and impose “sanctions.” Sanctions, no matter what our government insists, are indeed acts of war. War of the worse sort—against the civilian population. Intended to make them so uncomfortable that they will overthrow their leader. Then invite us in and sit at our feet.

And at the same time as tensions continue to mount over Ukraine, World War III is breaking out in the Middle East. The war-hawks are surely ecstatic.

The blatant foolishness is hard to measure. The US says it is all about a war with Iran being valid and moral to prevent its gaining nuclear capability. At the same time we are pushing a nuclear-armed nation into a corner. It if wasn’t so tragic, it would be funny.

Mr. Obama has done something that I not only think is wise, but is militarily prudent. He’s trying to make an ally of Iran. The Iran who hates ISIS and al Qaeda, our wayward stepchildren, more than we do. And he’s standing against a supermajority composed of both sides of Congress, and against the considerable might and power of the Israeli lobby, IAPAC.

American conservatives are stepping over each other trying to criticize him, even contacting Iran themselves in an effort to prevent the alliance. Even a broken clock gets the time right a couple of times each day, and Obama is right on this one.

War with Russia will only inflict damage on it’s most eastern cities before the damage to Europe becomes untenable. The US cannot safely attack its western borders with surely confronting China. An event which would occur, in any case, if Russia appears to be losing. China knows that it is next on the hit list.

Will American conservatives and their allies in the defense crony-funded DNC party be able to put aside their political interests long enough to actually support the President? Doubtful if recent history is any indication.

There’s not much any of us can do about what will happen. It’s in God’s capable hands. And in God’s holy hands. I can only pray that the US will do as all nations should do continually—repent before God and pray for his wisdom and guidance, recognizing that there must indeed be a reason why the world’s largest military power cannot win a war. Again and again.

The pain of watching my nation make foolish war after foolish war is only made worse by the broad and immediate support given to any new war by the conservative Christian community. What happened to warning our leaders about the terrible costs of war and the imperative to do that is reasonable and prudent to avoid it?

Sometimes the only way that bears can be understood is by messing with them. But it’s going to be a very costly lesson.

Until then, I’ll break with my normal view of the President’s decisions and actually have some pride about his wisdom and allying with Iran. And hope that he shows similar wisdom and couGTY_grizzly_bear_jt_130818_16x9_992rage concerning Russia.

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