40 Years of Lies and Confusion . . .

cholesterol-combo-drug. . . and lots of profits. I am delighted and relieved to read the latest announcements from medical councils and government nutrition boards. The wall of deception is beginning to crumble.

Turns out that cholesterol is not a bad guy after all. And they can’t cover it up anymore. These early press releases are just the first of what is to come. Rats will start jumping ship when they realize that the USS Cholesterol is sinking. Professors and politicians will put a finger into the wind to check the direction that the news is traveling, and then jump out in front and claim to be the leaders.

Years of people eating food with all the palatability of cardboard to bring their cholesterol blood levels down to artificially-devised, recommended levels. Years of people consuming health-damaging statin drugs. Years of people being told that if they didn’t do the above, they would die an early death from heart disease or stroke. How do you measure such damage?

Not in profits. Big Pharma has been raking in the money for years. Statin and other cholesterol-lowering drugs took the place of profit-leading prescription antacids in the mid-1980’s, when the old lie that stomach acid was the primary cause of ulcers was disproven by a couple of brave Australian MD’s. Brave because they willingly endured the ridicule of the worlds medical experts for claiming that bacteria were the culprit. Brave because they finally used their own bodies to infect with the bacteria and then prove that ulcers resulted. Brave because they stood for truth.

It’s not wise to go against the world’s experts. Especially when they are powerful enough to use government violence to enforce their views. Especially when you potentially forsake a tenured professorship or high standing among your peers.

Fifteen years ago I was working with a physiologist who chuckled when I mentioned my doctor’s concern about my cholesterol levels. “It’s not cholesterol that is the problem. Cholesterol plagues are simply the body responding to damage to the lining of your arteries. You need to be taking antioxidants. Go down and buy some supplements with high levels of vitamins B and C. And start taking fish oil. It’s a great anti-inflammatory that can also aid in the process of preventing and repairing damage to your arteries.” Then he munched on a fatty, protein-laden snack. “If plagues are the problem, why isn’t your doctor concerned about your calcium levels. Calcium comprises more of arterial-blocking plague than does cholesterol . . .” Hmm.

He turned me on to a book titled, The Cholesterol Myths. (If you followed the link you will find that the author now provides it for free.) The author, Dr. Uffe Ravnskov, was on a mission. For years his book didn’t see the light of day in the media or the medical community. But his message is what is now standing—cholesterol is not bad for you, eating poorly and allowing yourself to be stressed to death by well-meaning, misguided medical professionals is bad for you.

Blood levels of cholesterol rise with age, not because of diet, but because of the curse of God. Entropy. All that we see about us, including our own bodies, is falling apart. Things rust. We rust. Our bodies suffer damage from inflammation. Aggravated by lack of good nutrition needed to supply the things it needs to combat aging. We are headed back to the dust we came from.

How do lies so large become established? They have to start somewhere. And lies that are deemed truth by governments and their approved authorities get turned into big lies. And when they are profitable, as the cholesterol lies have been to Big Pharma and Wall Street, they become gargantuan lies.

Big lies are potent propaganda, repeated over and over. Like global warming, cholesterol being bad became an unquestioned truth. Pity the medical official that brings up a contrary view in front of his peers. And double pity him if he mentions that government and Wall Street, along with universities and professional groups, conspired together to maximize the profit during the joy ride.

Conspiracy theorist! I don’t mind the label if it means that I am willing to challenge authority when I suspect a lie. I remember when that phrase was not equivalent to “maniac that challenges ruling authority” and simply meant that sometimes different individuals or groups conspire together to publish lies and profit from them. But when the deceptive and destructive nature of government and crony capitalistism is exposed, expect the exposers to be deemed “conspiracy theorists.”

OK, I’ll back off. Not all involved were or are intentionally deceptive or seeking direct financial gain. Most are simply human. Possessed with pride and the desire to be accepted and recognized. To go with the flow. And, as we all are, seriously lacking in wisdom. If we don’t start our journey for truth with that admission, we have little chance of gaining true knowledge and wisdom.

But what of the damage that has been caused? What of the healthy lives that have been destroyed by the stress of worry and poor diets, robbed of the important nutrition that is available in eggs, meat, and dairy products? What about the farmers and agricultural businesses that were financially damaged by the mandated and controlled change in the markets for their products?

Lies are not harmless. They are Satan’s favorite tool. He isn’t called the Father of Lies and the Adversary for nothing. Even attempting to measure the damage in terms of consumer wealth robbed, illegal taxes, ill-gotten gain is impossible, the sum total is so huge.

And this is one lie we should have seen all along. Half of the research conducted on the impact of cholesterol has not found it to be a horrible villain. But you didn’t read those studies in medical journals or hear about them in the media. Government grants don’t go to universities bucking the official lie. No preferential treatment goes to honest media outlets.

Government programs almost always produce the opposite effect of their efforts. Even if their intentions are good, trying to improve the health of the nation by dictating what is a good diet results in the opposite. Why? Because humans don’t know even a fraction of the truth that they think they know. And tend to fill in the gaps with anything convenient—even lies that sound reasonable.

I’m glad for the comeuppance, even if it is only in my imagination for now. College professors and medical professionals proven to be charlatans or fools. Government proven to be the evil that it is when it acts outside of it’s God-given mandates, which is most all of the time in this kingdom of sinful men.

It is one thing to show respect to government as a Christian and to obey its commands when they are lawful. It is another to label it holy and good and actively encourage its wrongful behavior. And it is ultimately foolish.

The declared War on Fat helped nobody. But it harmed billions around the world. Robbed then of health and wealth. Harmless medical error? Hardly.

Look at what happened to processed foods. When you take out the fat you take out the flavor. What to do to keep up the sales? Add sugar. Add salts. Replace fat calories, which were of nutritional value, with empty calories, headed for the waistline. Will anyone be so daring as to point out that some of the blame for the epidemic of obesity in this nation, and all the harm to heath that comes with it, can be placed on the head of those who claim to be helping us?

So break out the bacon! Cut me another slice of that cheesecake, please. Is that the glorious fragrance of pork sausage that I smell?

My only remaining question is, “When will McDonalds go back to frying their french fries in beef fat?” My those were incredible fries. Saturated with saturated fat and flavor. And much healthier, too.

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